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Windsor Regional Hospital Develops Flood Plan

Developing a plan puts your home and/or your business in the best possible position to succeed in the effort of minimizing flood damage. If you have a plan in place that is ready to be deployed as soon as you know flooding is on the way it will save you thousands of dollars in repair costs.

When you’re creating a plan against flooding it’s extremely important that the plan is well thought out and easy to execute when the time comes. We recommend using products that have a long shelf-life and are easily stored. That way you can store away your flood control products and not worry about them expiring when the time comes.

Check out the video below to see how they implemented water-activated flood control products into their flood prevention plan.

American Eagle Case Study

Flooding poses significant challenges for both homeowners and businesses. Quick Dam, a provider of versatile flood protection solutions, collaborated with American Eagle, a prominent clothing retailer with numerous stores across the US. With nearly 40% of businesses never reopening after severe flood damage, protecting these retail locations was crucial. Understanding the need for both simplicity and effectiveness, Quick Dam tailored Grab & Go Buckets with five 5ft Flood Barriers for American Eagle. These water-activated barriers, akin to a baby’s diaper, expand when in contact with water, safeguarding doorways or garage entrances. Alongside these customized solutions, Quick Dam provided detailed training instructions for each store, ensuring readiness for potential flooding and facilitating employee training.

Now an integral part of American Eagle’s daily operations, these customized Grab & Go Buckets and instructional materials equip their stores to swiftly respond to potential flooding threats. Quick Dam's commitment to effective flood control, coupled with American Eagle’s proactive approach, ensures comprehensive protection for their retail locations, embodying our mission to safeguard properties and businesses from water-related emergencies.

Quick Dam Bucket Kit

Chevron Case Study

When Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Texas in 2017, causing $125 million in damages and displacing millions, Quick Dam stepped in to assist Chevron in enhancing flood preparedness. With over 300,000 structures and 500,000 cars flooded, the need for effective preventive measures became urgent. Quick Dam's collaboration with Chevron focused on deploying the Water-Gate portable flood dam, offering barriers rising from 6 inches to 5 feet in height. This partnership unfolded in three stages: an on-site evaluation, demonstration, and training, and the provision of post-training resources.

During the initial evaluation, Quick Dam assessed Chevron's Houston facility, considering protection levels required, topography, water sources, and property alterations. This evaluation guided the selection of the Water-Gate unit tailored to safeguard Chevron's premises. Subsequently, Quick Dam conducted a comprehensive demonstration and training session, empowering Chevron staff with the knowledge to effectively deploy and manage the Water-Gate unit. Lastly, Quick Dam provided a detailed video of the training session, serving as a resource for Chevron's future training needs, ensuring their readiness for future storm seasons and emphasizing Quick Dam's commitment to efficient flood control solutions.

Louisiana State University Case Study

Despite popular misconceptions, flooding emerges as the most prevalent natural disaster in the United States, affecting every state throughout the year, overshadowing hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. Louisiana State University (LSU), situated in Baton Rouge, faces substantial flood risks due to its complex campus layout. Each flood event at LSU can incur costs ranging from $25,000 to $50,000, making flood protection critical for mitigating potential damages, particularly in sensitive areas like elevator shafts.

To assist LSU in their flood preparedness efforts, Quick Dam tailored a solution by providing Grab & Go Flood Protection Buckets, compact and equipped with water-activated flood control products like Flood Bags and Flood Barriers. Placed strategically in high-risk flood areas across the campus, these buckets enable rapid deployment, positioning LSU to effectively combat flood damage and potentially save significant amounts of money. This collaboration highlights Quick Dam's commitment to offering efficient and user-friendly flood protection solutions, ensuring institutions like LSU are adequately prepared to protect their premises against imminent flood threats.

Quick Dam Water Force

VillaSport Case Study

Hurricane Harvey's rampage in 2017 spurred VillaSport Athletic Club to seek flood protection solutions following substantial damage and a four-month closure. Collaborating with Quick Dam, they opted for the Water-Gate portable flood dam, providing up to 5 feet of protection around property perimeters by rising with floodwater. Quick Dam conducted an on-site evaluation at VillaSport's Houston location, strategizing the placement of multiple Water-Gate units and supplying industrial-sized storage crates for efficient deployment. Training over 15 VillaSport staff members, Quick Dam covered deployment, unit connection, maintenance, and post-flooding breakdown, ensuring the facility's readiness against future flooding.

In a community-focused initiative, Quick Dam opened the flood preparedness training to the public, drawing over 40 attendees to educate them on flood protection. Additionally, Quick Dam provided VillaSport with a comprehensive product training video for ongoing employee training and deployment preparedness, ensuring effective flood protection even amidst potential staff turnover.

Thames Water Case Study

Thames Water, overseeing water supply and wastewater treatment for 15 million customers across the UK, strategically invested in 730 meters of custom Water-Gate units in 2014 to counter the prevalent flooding risks in the region. These adaptable units, varying in heights from 15 centimeters to 1.5 meters (0.5 to 4.9 feet), significantly bolster Thames Water's flood protection capabilities, ensuring customer safety and reducing community damage. Replacing traditional sandbags, these units proved more cost-effective, efficient, and easy to deploy, marking a substantial improvement in flood defense strategies for the utility company. With a durable 20-year lifespan, the Water-Gate units offer Thames Water a reliable, long-term solution to safeguard their extensive customer base.

Justin Lambourne of Thames Water commended the Water-Gate's effectiveness, ease of use, and cost-efficiency, acknowledging its substantial impact in mitigating flood threats and ensuring customer safety. This investment underscores Thames Water's commitment to leveraging advanced technology to protect their customers from potential flooding, enabling them to respond swiftly and effectively to flood threats with a reliable and reusable flood protection solution.

Quick Dam Water Force

City of Pincourt, QC Case Study

In 2017, Pincourt, QC faced severe flooding causing $450,000 in damages, prompting the community to revamp its emergency preparedness plan. Opting for Water-Gate, a self-rising flood barrier, Pincourt acquired 18 units—12 of 50ft lengths and 6 of 30ft lengths—to safeguard against future floods. Strategically planning deployment, the City collaborated with the local Fire Department, outfitting fire trucks and a dedicated container with Water-Gate units for swift mobilization during flood emergencies.

By 2019, facing another flood, Pincourt efficiently deployed Water-Gate units, ensuring community safety with quicker response times and significant cost savings. This innovative approach slashed costs by 45%, reduced sandbag usage by 67%, and saved 89% more time compared to the 2017 flood. With the project costing $100,000 and estimated savings of up to $200,000 per future flood, the investment in Water-Gate, designed to last 20 years, proves a pivotal and cost-effective decision in securing the community's protection against floods.

Jean Lesage International Airport Case Study

The emergency department at Jean Lesage International Airport, Quebec's second busiest passenger airport, relies on a skilled team of 16 firefighters, four captains, and an emergency manager to handle any emergencies on airport premises. Equipped with specialized vehicles including rescue, Waltek, and multipurpose trucks, as well as a spill van with recovery equipment, the department shoulders significant responsibility in managing airport emergencies.

In 2009, recognizing the need for efficient flood control, the department procured three custom Water-Gate units—a 25ft unit for handling oil, fuel, and coolant spills in ditches or streams, a 20ft unit for diking and containment in ditches, and a 30ft unit for diverting or blocking flowing liquids on various terrains. These units offer specific protection tailored to address potential issues encountered during airport operations. Kept on-site and easily deployable, these units enhance the department's capability to manage spills effectively across water bodies, the airport premises, and its surroundings.

City of Rigaud, QC Cast Study

In response to severe flooding in Quebec during 2019, a Rigaud homeowner, previously affected by floods in 2017, took proactive steps by investing in a Water-Gate portable flood barrier for his property. Located at the confluence of the Ottawa River and Rigaud River, Rigaud had faced extensive flooding in 2017, impacting the entire population.

Conducting a detailed property assessment considering size, topography, and potential obstacles, the homeowner opted for 6 Water-Gate units—five 50ft and one 30ft unit—spanning 280 feet in length and 3+ feet in height. This strategic deployment effectively safeguarded the property during the 2019 floods, preventing damage to the homeowner's residence. By investing $43,000 in the Water-Gate unit in 2019 after incurring $147,000 in damages in 2017, the homeowner achieved a remarkable 71% cost reduction. This proactive approach resulted in savings of $104,000, securing extended protection against severe flooding with the Water-Gate's 20-year product lifespan.

Business Owner Drain Block Case Study

Quick Dam's innovative flood solutions aim to counter the prevalent natural disaster of flooding across all states throughout the year. Our water-activated Flood Bags in standard (1ft x 2ft) and jumbo (1ft x 4ft) sizes, using super absorbent powder akin to a baby's diaper, offer a swift and efficient alternative to traditional, bulky sandbags.

A customer's experience during severe flooding highlighted the efficiency of Quick Dam Flood Bags. Despite initial doubt, the bags successfully isolated a clogged drain, aiding debris removal by a VAC truck crew. "The VAC truck guys were able to clear the catch basin of debris and make sure the drain line was clear," noted the customer. The crew was impressed, expressing a desire to stock these bags for future use, affirming Quick Dam's commitment to aiding individuals in combating flooding while saving time and expenses.

Quick Dam Flood Bags