As we gear up for the summer months, National Hurricane Preparedness Week, observed May 5th to May 11th, serves as a vital reminder of the need to be ready for nature’s fury. At Quick Dam, we understand the urgency of preparation, which is why we are here to equip you with the tools and knowledge to stay safe during Hurricane Season. Let us explore how Quick Dam products like Flood Gates, Flood Bags and Barriers, Water Curbs, and Water Force can play a crucial role in your Hurricane Preparedness Plan.

Understanding the Risk

Hurricanes pose a significant threat to coastal regions and areas prone to flooding. With fierce winds, heavy rainfall, and storm surges, these tropical cyclones can cause widespread devastation. Preparation is key to mitigating the impact of these storms on both lives and property.

Create a Plan

A well-thought-out plan is essential for navigating the challenges posed by hurricanes. Identify evacuation routes and emergency shelters in your areas and establish a communication plan with your family. Quick Dam’s innovative products can be integral to your plan, helping to prevent water from entering your home and protecting your property from costly flood damage.


Quick Dam Flood Gates

Quick Dam Flood Gates offer a powerful solution to shield your property from encroaching floodwaters. Made of steel with a neoprene cover, these robust barriers can be swiftly deployed to seal off doorways, entrances, and garage openings, creating a waterproof barrier that effectively keeps water at bay. Available in multiple sizes, they accommodate doors that swing in or out, allowing for passage over its 26-inch height while keeping protection in place. For wider openings, multiple Flood Gates can be joined together with stanchions. With their straightforward installation process and reusability, Quick Dam Flood Gates provide invaluable peace of mind, particularly during the unpredictable Hurricane Season.

Quick Dam Flood Barriers

When seeking comprehensive protection against flooding, Quick Dam Flood Barriers emerge as an optimal choice. These adaptable barriers can be strategically positioned around your property to redirect water away from vulnerable areas. Available in lengths of 5, 10, or 17 feet, they possess self-activating properties, expanding to contain, control, and divert floodwater. For added defense, they can be stacked in a pyramid configuration, with each barrier featuring a built-in wedge to prevent rolling. Crafted from non-toxic super absorbent material (unsuitable for use with saltwater), Quick Dam Flood Barriers are engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of hurricane-force winds and tumultuous waters.

Quick Dam Flood Bags

In situations where time is of the essence, Quick Dam sandless Flood Bags present a rapid and efficient solution for flood protection. Similar in function to the Flood Barriers, these compact bags swiftly absorb and retain water upon contact (not suitable for use with saltwater), expanding to establish a barrier that fortifies your home against water infiltration. They can be stacked in a staggered formation to heighten protection levels. Both our Flood Bags and Barriers can be stored unused for 10+ years making preparation that much easier. With their lightweight design and user-friendly deployment, Quick Dam Flood Bags prove indispensable additions to any hurricane preparedness kit.

Quick Dam Water Curbs

For individuals seeking flood protection in coastal areas, Quick Dam Water Curbs offer a reliable defense by establishing a barrier around susceptible entry points such as doors and garages. These curbs require filling with water to create an effective barrier, yet they can be swiftly drained for convenient storage and reuse. Crafted from durable materials, Water Curbs ensure quick deployment and provide protection up to 10 inches high.

Quick Dam Water Force

Where flooding is at its most dangerous and full perimeter protection is needed, Quick Dam Water Force stands ready to divert and withstand the impact of rising waters. These heavy-duty, self-rising barriers can be joined together to provide customizable perimeter protection against the formidable forces of flooding. Rolled out in the path of incoming water, they react to water pressure by rising and expanding, effectively creating a portable dam that can be rolled back up and stored for future use. Certified by the US Army Corps of Engineers, these barriers require no permanent installation and provide flood protection ranging from 6 Inches to 5 feet in height.

As we observe National Hurricane Preparedness Week, it is crucial to take proactive steps to protect ourselves and our communities from the dangers posed by hurricanes. Quick Dam’s innovative products are invaluable tools for fortifying your home and safeguarding your property against flooding and potentially devastating water damage. By incorporating these solutions into your Hurricane Preparedness Plan, you can weather the storm with confidence. Be prepared, be protected with Quick Dam.