The Do(s) & Don’t(s) of Quick Dam’s Flood Bags & Barriers

The Do(s) & Don’t(s) of Quick Dam’s Flood Bags & Barriers

Quick Dam’s Flood Bags & Flood Barriers are some of the most innovative products in all of flood control. If you have recently become a Quick Dam customer and you’re looking for more information and what to do and not do with your Flood Bags & Barriers.

This is the post for you! Let’s get right to it.

The Don’t List

1.) Do not cut the Flood Bags or Flood Barriers. Inside each one of these products is a water-absorbent that swells and gels problem water and activates the product. Cutting the product will make it unusable.

2.) Don’t stack one flood bag vertically on top of another (end to end). Flood bags are not meant to sit vertically as if you were looking at a bag of birdseed. Do not stack a flood bag in this fashion and certainly do not try to stack another one on top of it in this position. You will not achieve any sort of effectiveness.

3.) Don’t procrastinate! We know this may seem like a simple one but it’s extremely important. Once you know that flooding is imminent make sure to lay out your Flood Bags & Barriers in the appropriate place. The longer you wait the less success you’ll have in preventing water damage.

4.) Do not place them in the washing machine! Bags & Barriers are not meant to be washed for they can cause significant damage to your washing machine. If you’re trying to clean them, just let them air dry after wiping them down.

5.) Do not use with salt water! Salt water reverses the effect of the water-activated gel inside of the Bags & Barriers. Be sure to keep these products away from salt water or else they will not activate.

The Do List

1.) Pre-activate if you’re stacking! If you’re going to stack your Flood Bags & Flood Barriers you will definitely want to soak them in water first. Once they are activated you will have a much easier time stacking them in preparation of income flooding.

2.) If stacking more than three flood bags, stack them between the seams like a 3-2-1 pyramid. Stacking in this fashion increases effectiveness against higher levels of flooding.

3.) When stacking the barriers to extend the length, be sure to overlap the smaller wedge with the larger wedge. By overlapping these you ensure the maximum amount of blockage to oncoming water.

4.) You will want to cascade your flood barriers when stacking them so that the incoming water seamlessly flows down the side of each one. Do not just stack them end to end for it will be less effective.

5.) If you’re placing Flood Bags & Flood Barriers on top of any unsealed cement. Make sure to put down a layer of plastic before you place your products. The products may cause unsealed cement to crack or deteriorate.

There You Have It!

Make sure to keep this post as a reference whenever you’re getting ready to lay down your Quick Dam products. As long as you follow the lists above then you will put yourself in the best possible position to succeed against potential flooding!