Many believe that major floods occur only along the coastlines of the United States. However, river flooding is often the source of major flood damage throughout communities in America. Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the world. River flooding is becoming more and more common as each year passes.

Therefore, in order to combat river flooding, homeowners need the best practices and protective materials available. 99% of homeowners will deal with flooding and/or water damage at some point. The act of early prevention instantly increases the chances of success in protecting against these threats.

Take a look at these best practices as well as the best river flooding solutions to prepare with.

River Flooding: Prepare As Early As Possible

Early prevention is the first step to take when trying to overcome potential river flooding. Often, most people will wait until a potential heavy rain storm is on the horizon to start gathering protective materials. However, this leaves too many opportunities for river flooding to significantly affect a home.

Preparing early eliminates a lot of the chaos that last minute preparation creates. Normally, many homeowners will scramble to their local store in order to secure protective materials as well as storm provisions just days before a threat arrives. This leads to the scenario of not being able to thoroughly prepare and acquire all the necessary materials one needs.

Whenever river flooding arrives, it is paramount that you already have the necessary solutions on hand in order to protect your home. Early prevention will always put you in the best position to succeed against flooding.

River Flooding: Innovative Flood Protection Solutions

There are a variety of issues that traditional flood protection methods pose. For instance, sandbags require a significant amount of manual labor and time. River flooding can strike at any time. Therefore, time is of the essence. Regular sandbags can take too much time to properly deploy.

Instead, be sure to always secure compact, lightweight and easy to use protective solutions in order to combat river flooding. These innovative solutions allow you to always have the proper solutions on hand. They also allow you to easily deploy your protection at a moment’s notice.

Quick Dam’s entire focus is to provide these types of innovative solutions to homeowners and business owners all over the world. With that, make sure to check out our innovative recommendations below. Start preparing now!

Water-Activated Sandless Sandbags

Flood Bags & Barriers are water-activated alternatives to traditional sandbags. Instead of having to take empty bags and fill them with inconsistent amounts of sand by hand, these alternatives come ready for deployment at any time. Flood Bags & Barriers are black fabric bags that contain a super absorbent polymer powder. When water comes in contact with the product, the inner absorbent swells and gels the water to create a barrier.

Flood Bags & Barriers cover all of your sandbags needs. Flood Bags are 1ft x 2ft where as Flood Barriers come in 5ft, 10ft and 17ft lengths for custom protection around your property!

Doorway Flood Protection

Flood Gate is an entryway flood shield that provides up to 2ft of flood protection.

This unit fits doorways anywhere from 25″-50″ wide. The steel frame is covered by an orange neoprene sleeve that will block oncoming flood water from entering into your home or property. Flood Gate installs in less than 10 minutes and ships with all the necessary tools to install!

Flood Gate also has the ability to connect multiple units in order to create a desired length of flood protection. With Flood Gate’s Stanchion Sets, you can connect unlimited units to perfectly protect sliding glass doorways or garage doorways. Do you have uneven doorway reveals? No problem! Flood Gate also has a side rail set that can create a smoother doorway reveal. This allows for easier installation.

Perimeter Property Protection

Water Force is the perfect solution for perimeter protection around your home or property. Water Force is an instant portable self-rising water dam that provides protection up to 5ft high.

The unit is quick and easy to deploy with minimal labor. Water Force lays flat and when flood water flows over the unit, the skirt rises and provides effective flood protection. Units come in 30ft and 50ft length with the ability to attach multiple units together in order to create a desired protection length.

Water Force is flexible and can be fitted around any type of property. Where Water Force shines is that it is completely reusable for many years. Breaking down the unit requires significantly less labor than other related methods of flood control.