As Quick Dam celebrates the 20th anniversary of its parent company, Absorbent Specialty Products, it’s an opportune moment to look back at the remarkable journey that has progressed since the company’s initiation in 2004. From its modest beginnings to its current position as the leading provider of flood control solutions, Absorbent Specialty Products (ASP) story is one marked by passion, innovation, and faithful dedication to its customers.

In 2004, Absorbent Specialty Products was founded in Attleboro, MA, with a clear vision – to deliver quality services and innovative solutions at competitive prices. With this mission at its core, the company set out to address challenges across a wide range of industries, including industrial, commercial, hospitality, educational, government & military, sports & recreation, and personal use.

Embodying the belief that every problem presents an opportunity; ASP became skilled at finding solutions. Its product offerings quickly expanded, incorporating everything from mortuary inserts to prosthetics, from PLA Bio Bones to acid and base neutralizers and to water activated flood control. This diversity in products and clientele accentuated the versatility of the company, showcasing its ability to adapt and evolve in response to the needs of its customers.

In 2012, Quick Dam emerged as a pivotal development in the company’s trajectory. With the launch of its Quick Dam product line, featuring innovative Flood Bags and Barriers, the company redefined flood control solutions. These patented flood barriers offered efficient and effective protection against flooding, earning Quick Dam a reputation as a game changer in the industry.

But ASP didn’t stop there. The company continued to push boundaries, introducing a range of new products such as Sport Savers, Spill Bucket Socks, Water Force, Water Curbs, and Insta-Dams, among others. Its commitment to innovation was further enhanced by the acquisition of exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights for Flood Gates, expanding its selection and solidifying its position as a leader in the field.

Looking ahead, ASP is poised for further growth and success. With the 2020 acquisition of a new 70,000 square foot office, manufacturing, and distribution facility in Pawtucket, RI, the company is well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of its customers. In 2024, ASP is also expanding into five distribution centers for quick, local, and economical deliveries. By listening closely to their feedback and remaining responsive to their challenges, ASP is prepared to continue its legacy of innovation and excellence for years to come.

In essence, ASP’s journey over the past 20 years is a testament to the power of innovation, perseverance, and customer service. It remains committed to its core values, offering big solutions to its customers, and embracing new opportunities with enthusiasm and determination.