Water leaks can be a nightmare, causing damage to property, increasing utility bills, and creating potential health hazards. Luckily, Fix a Leak Week reminds us of the importance of water conservation and here at Quick Dam we are dedicated to providing homeowners with innovative products to help facilitate leak management.

The importance of Fix a Leak Week

Fix a Leak Week is an initiative by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), directed at promoting water conservation and raising awareness about household and property leaks. According to the EPA, these leaks can waste more than 1 trillion gallons of water every year in the United States alone. This event encourages homeowners to identify and repair leaks, thus conserving water resources and saving money on utility bills.

Quick Dam’s Leak Kit: A Comprehensive Protector

At Quick Dam, our dedication lies in equipping homeowners and property owners with the essential tools to manage water-based leaks effectively. This commitment led us to create the Leak Kit, a well-designed bundle capable of swiftly and efficiently attending to various types of leaks. Whether you're dealing with a minor drip under the sink or a more substantial issue in the basement, our kit offers the necessary tools to promptly contain leaks and mitigate further damage until professional assistance arrives.

Quick Dam Leak Kit
The Leak Kit’s Key Components:

  • Drip Mats: Designed to be compact, lightweight, and easily stored, our Drip Mats offer a convenient and effective solution for protecting your indoor environment from unexpected spills and leaks. Each Drip Mat has the capacity to absorb as much as 1 roll of paper towels, and their leakproof backing ensures liquids remain contained. With the ability to rapidly absorb liquid upon contact, our Drip Mats are ideal for discreetly placing under leaking sinks, pipes, or other susceptible areas.
    Quick Dam Drip Mats

  • Mats: Similar to our Drip Mats, our Mats are designed to be compact and lightweight for efficient containment and control of water. They effectively lock in fluids, minimizing the risk of water damage and serving as an excellent alternative to traditional paper towels. These mats have the capability to absorb liquid from both sides and can each absorb 1.5 quarts. Upon contact with liquid, they swiftly absorb and convert it into a gel, guaranteeing thorough containment to prevent any leakage.
    Quick Dam Mats

  • Water Dams: Designed to tackle a range of water-related concerns, our Water Dams offer versatile solutions from condensation buildup to water-based spills. These dams absorb water upon contact and expand to form a protective barrier. Ideal for wrapping around leaky pipes, hot water tanks, toilets, and blocking water entry through doorways or windows. Featuring a compact, lightweight design and durable construction, Quick Dam’s Water Dams are perfectly suited for indoor water control applications.‌
    Quick Dam Water Dam

As we participate in Fix a Leak Week, it's important to prioritize proactive maintenance in our homes and properties. Quick Dam's Leak Kit presents a practical solution for containing leaks of any scale. By embracing straightforward yet highly effective tools like our Leak Kit, we can safeguard our homes and properties from the expensive repercussions of water damage until permanent repairs can be done.