Leak Solutions: 3 Products You Need To Have On Hand

Leak Solutions: 3 Products You Need To Have On Hand

Water damage is a problem that affects all homeowners. In fact, 99% of homeowners will deal with water damage at one point or another. Therefore, leak solutions are always in constant demand.

Leak solutions come in a variety of forms and can tackle a bevy of water damage issues throughout a property. Appliances such as sinks, washing machines, dishwashers, toilets and pipes can cause a significant amount of damage if you lack the necessary leak solutions. 

Securing the most effective leak solutions can seem overwhelming. However, Quick Dam is here to outline the best practices to help protect your property against the dangers of water damage. Check out these steps and recommendations below!

Always Prepare and Have Solutions On Hand

Preparing early and often will always put you in the best position to adequately protect against potential water damage throughout your property. Think of a common water damage scenario such as a leaking toilet. The most common sequence is usually homeowners rushing to get multiple rolls of paper towels or even regular bath towels to contain and absorb the leak.

However, these are not leak solutions. Instead, these measures usually only mitigate the issue for a matter of minutes which causes high levels of stress and frustration. If you always have efficient leak solutions on hand and ready to deploy, you are able to effectively manage these potential problems without running through excess paper towels or potentially dirtying bath towels.

Early prevention will always help your efforts of protection when it comes to water damage. Make sure to find dedicated leak solutions that you can store easily.

Compact, Lightweight and Easy To Use

When it comes to leak solutions, your mission is to acquire products that are compact, lightweight and easy to use. Having solutions on hand that can easily store and deploy quickly will allow you to mitigate as much damage as possible given the specific circumstance.

The main problem with a lot of leak solutions is that they are either inefficient or too bulk to adequately store without taking up significant space. Every homeowner’s goal is to have the necessary leak solutions on hand in order to handle any and every problem that arises quickly.

Quick Dam’s focus is to provide these solutions to homeowners all over the world. Check out our best recommendations for leak solutions below!

Leak Solutions: Indoor Water Dams

Our Indoor Water Dams activate when they come in contact with water. These dams absorb and swell to help an efficient protective barrier. This solutions works on two fronts. The first is absorbing the oncoming water from a spill, leak or drip. The second factor is once the absorption completes, Water Dams block excess water.

Water Dams lay flat until they activate and grow up to 2.5in high in just 5 minutes. The inner absorbent completely contains liquids to prevent seepage. Water Dams come in 4ft and 10ft lengths and can wrap around leaking appliances such as toilets, water heaters, etc. 

Leak Solutions: Absorbent Mats & Drip Mats

Quick Dam’s Absorbent Mats & Drip Mats are the ultimate alternative to standard paper towels. These solutions allow you to handle heavier spills, leaks and drips that usually require multiple rolls of paper towels. 

Absorbent Mats absorb water on contact and convert liquids into a gel within. Mats absorb liquid from both sides and absorb up to 1.5 quarts of liquid. Just for comparison, one Absorbent Mat absorbs the equivalent of 1.5 rolls of paper towels. The efficiency that Mats provide without using a significant amount of material allows you to better protect your property!

Drip Mats are just as effective. This solution has a protective plastic backing that prevents liquid seepage through the other side. Drip Mats are perfect for placing under a leaking sink. Just like Mats, Drip Mats absorb, swell and gel water. They absorb up to 1qt of liquid and can be left in place when a leak arises.

Leak Solutions: Insta-Dam

Insta-Dam is one of the most effective water damage solutions available. This flexible polyurethane dam can bend into a variety of ways to help control, contain and divert problematic liquids. Insta-Dam creates a seal when you place it on the floor which provides durability when protecting against spills, leaks and drips.

Insta-Dam is 4ft in length and provides protection up to 2in high. This solution is great for entryways and can protect against water, oil, chemicals and more. Deploy Insta-Dam whenever you need protection. This solution comes in a hi-vis fluid control tube that allows for easy storage and reusability whenever problems arise.