Flooding poses a significant threat to homes year-round, regardless of the season. As the most prevalent natural disaster in the United States, with occurrences in all 50 states, it's essential to take on effective flood protection measures. With an average insurance claim of $7,000 for flood-related damages, the urgency to moderate such risks is clear.

Traditional flood control methods, such as sandbag barriers, are increasingly outdated and inefficient, particularly concerning doorways and entry points. Acknowledging this, innovative solutions like the Flood Gate offer an advanced approach to flood defense.

Flood Gate

The Flood Gate by Quick Dam, a steel frame encased in a neoprene sleeve, is a game-changer for safeguarding doorways and other entry points. It seamlessly installs in doorways ranging from 30" to 50" wide and provides protection against floods up to 26" high.

Imagine your home as a special club, and flooding as an unwelcome troublemaker threatening its sanctity. In this scenario, the Flood Gate acts as your reliable bouncer, keeping floodwaters at bay while maintaining accessibility to your property. Its quick installation, typically under 10 minutes, ensures quick deployment when needed, and its reusability offers long-term value.

Added Protection – Flood Gate with Stanchions

Moreover, the Flood Gate isn't limited to doorways; it can also protect larger entryways like garage doors with the addition of stanchion sets. These sets enable the creation of a continuous flood barrier, adaptable to varying property layouts and flood risks.

The flexibility of the Flood Gate extends to its storage and reuse, ensuring readiness for future flood threats. Its user-friendly design prioritizes ease of use without compromising effectiveness, alleviating the stress and inconvenience associated with traditional flood control methods.

Flood Protection Made Easy

In essence, the Flood Gate provides a thorough solution to the continual challenge of home flood protection. By staying ahead of potential flood events and embracing proactive measures, homeowners can minimize the financial and emotional toll of flood-related damages. In the face of increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, investing in innovative flood protection is not just prudent but essential for safeguarding homes and communities.