Finding a cost effective sandbag can be difficult. However, it is vital to the nature of flood protection. Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the world. In fact, the majority of damage that hurricanes cause throughout storm season is generally from flood water.

With flood as common as it is, finding the necessary solutions to keep your home or property safe from damage is paramount. Over the years, traditional sandbags prove to be not as effective both in terms of protection as well as financially. Therefore, Quick Dam’s focus is to provide solutions for modern flooding.

Come check out the key factors that are within a true cost effective sandbag below!

Cost Effective Sandbag: Compact, Lightweight and Easy To Use

When considering sandbag alternatives, it is important to make sure they are compact, lightweight and easy to use. Just think of the chaos that ensues with traditional sandbags versus a cost effective sandbag. The process of a traditional sandbag requires securing empty bags and a massive pile of sand. Then comes the time and manual labor of filling those sandbags.

Cost effective sandbag alternatives can be dynamic in use. Instead of dealing with the hassle of traditional sandbags there are solutions that cut down the personal cost in terms of money, time and labor.


Cost Effective Sandbag: Preparing Early

The biggest obstacle that traditional sandbags provide is the inability to prepare for a flood threat early. So often news coverage will show homeowners and business owners scrambling just a day or two before a storm hits in order to protect their property. The nature of traditional flood control leaves that as one of the only options.

However, a cost effective sandbag solution allows people to properly prepared months in advance of any potential flood threat. Innovative solutions store easily and have a long shelf life which easily deploy whenever protection needs arise.

Quick Dam takes all of these factors into account when providing solutions for flooding. We now provide the cost effective sandbag alternative that is essential for flood protection in modern society.

Check it out below!

Water-Activated Sandless Sandbags

Flood Bags & Barriers are water-activated alternatives to traditional sandbags. Instead of having to take empty bags and fill them with inconsistent amounts of sand by hand, these alternatives come ready for deployment at any time. Flood Bags & Barriers are black fabric bags that contain a super absorbent polymer powder. When water comes in contact with the product, the inner absorbent swells and gels the water to create a barrier.

Flood Bags & Barriers cover all of your sandbags needs. Flood Bags are 1ft x 2ft where as Flood Barriers come in 5ft, 10ft and 17ft lengths for custom protection around your property!